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Pot cooking and masalas are quintessential for every Desi home. These practises are what makes our cooking unique to the soil. The very synergy of taste meets health is again brought to you by STAY DESI. 

Around roughly 7000 years back, spices were an important component of India’s trade with China, Sumeria, Egypt, Arabia and Mesopotamia. Spices have their origin in India, and during ancient times, nations from all across the world embarked on long and perilous sea journeys in order to source different varieties of spices from the Indian subcontinent.

Our ancient practices  now have  ample evidence that spices and herbs possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti- tumorigenic, anti-carcinogenic, and gluco-cholesterol-lowering activities as well as properties that affect cognition and mood. No wonder good food makes our day! 


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“Spices are gods’ answer to SMALL things in life make BIG THINGS!





We bring you straight of our Heirloom recipe, the two legends from our kitchen “The mast methi pulav” & “B2B”,  which literally means Biriyani to Barbeque! These taste Busters were literally the inspiration behind the inception and inspiration of STAY DESI. They are our show stoppers.

mast methi pulao

Mast Methi Pulao

Bitter is the new sweet. Every bite of this Methi (fenugreek) pulao is evoked with an inviting aroma. A rice to bring a dose of nostalgia from your mom’s kitchen to your plate.

An alchemy to heal the body with its beneficial spices.

biryani 2 barbeque

Biryani 2 Barbeque

Soothing the body and mind to guarding recipes, spices have a huge variety of uses. Cooking without them? Unimaginable.

This is our most versatile masala that can be cooked from Biryani to Barbeque and everything in-between these two.

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