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We take you right back into the retro days with this recipe that we have developed and carried forward in our family! This masala has the right notes that will leave you longing for more. Use it as a barbeque add on or just toast your sandwiches with it. Our biryani masala will surprise you with what it can do! Must try!

We bring you straight of our Heirloom recipe, one of the two legends from our kitchen "B2B",  which literally means Biryani to Barbeque! This taste busters were literally the inspiration behind the inception and inspiration of STAY DESI. it is one of our show stoppers.

Soothing the body and mind to guarding recipes, spices have a huge variety of uses. Cooking without them? Unimaginable.!!!!  This is our most versatile masala that can be cooked from Biryani to Barbeque and everything in-between these two.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Net Weight

150 gms


Dates, Almonds, Flax seeds, Bananas , Walnuts, Cashews , Raisins

Shelf Life

Best Before 4 Months from the date of Manufacture


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Onion, Mint leaves, Coriander Leaves, Green Chilli, Refined Cooking Oil, Ginger, Clove, Turmeric Powder, Kasuri Methi


Best before 4 months from manufacturing. Store in cool dry place.


  • VEGETABLE BIRYANI : 7 tbl spoon powder (pour some water and make it to thick paste consistency) for ½ kg rice. Add oil, 1 onion, 4 cardamom, 6 clove, 1 no of 2” cinnamon, 1/2 tea spoon saunf (fennel seeds), 1/2teaspoon kasuri methi, 1 chopped tomato and cook till the tomato is mushy and now add masala paste and fry it for 5 mins in medium flame. Now add the veggies mix it and close the lid for 2-3mins, now add ½ kg rice and desired amount of water and close the lid.

  • NON-VEG BIRYANI cooking instructions:  Serving size: 9tbl spoon powder (pour some water and make it to thick paste consistency and let It rest for 10 mins) for 1 kg rice. As per quantity of veggies or meat take the masala powder and mix it with oil, curd, turmeric and salt to make it into a thick marination paste.

  • BARBEQUE Cooking instructions : Apply the marination paste on the veggies/meat and let it marinate for 15-30 mins. Now take the veggies/meat and cook it slowly over the barbeque till its completely cooked. The same procedure can be followed for cooking it in the oven as well.
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